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Mobility scooter bag walking cane holder
Mobility scooter bag walking cane holder


Body Posture Corrector €23,34

Th Spidermed I generation is designed for children and adolescents with postural problems such as rounded shoulders, protruding shoulder blades and sunken chest.
The invention aids active strengthening of muscles and thus facilitates attaining correct posture habits while standing, walking or sitting.
As a result, Spidermed straightens stooped shoulders and brings the entire spine into proper alignment.

Spidermed is recommended for use especially by children and adolescents during the period of rapid growth and early development of body posture control.
It is also recommended for adults with poor posture. Slouching reduces body efficiency and can lead to heart problems.
The use of Spidermed, however, helps improve chest movement and breathing. The adjustable elastic straps should pull gently on the shoulders, while the oval trunk is positioned low, i.e. between the shoulder blades. Every time you slouch, Spidermed will produce a beeping sound.
For better effects, it is advisable to wear the posture corrector for longer periods of time or to shorten the straps.
Spidermed should be worn 2-3 times a day for about 15 minutes, while watching TV, working on the computer or doing homework.
By signaling slouching, Spidermed corrects poor posture. Spidermed is powered by 2 watch-type batteries, which typically do not need replacement during product lifetime as the sound signal is not activated for most of the time. Spidermed may be used by people of all body types: lean and stocky, short and tall. All components are fully adjustable. One size fits all.

Prior to regular Spidermed usage,
the length of the straps should be properly adjusted by putting on the device, adopting the correct, upright posture, and adjusting the length of the braces, in such a way that the braces are slightly tight and Spidermed does not emit the sound signal.

In order to set the right strap length you might need help of another person.
It is recommended for each person to use his or her own Spidermed in order to avoid inefficiencies related to readjustment.

ATTENTION: The product is not advisable for use by children with diagnosed scoliosis. In case of any doubts, please consult with a doctor.

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